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Come check out over 1000+ vidoes on Billions & Trillions YouTube channel. We appreciate your business.   We are celebrating our 23nd anniversary this year.  We do business by telephone only due to the high number of emails we receive.  Call us today, we would love to have your business. We do not give refunds, everything is sold as-is.     Come check out over 1000+ vidoes on Billions & Trillions YouTube channel. We appreciate your business.

Billions & Trillions was established in 1988.  We have the largest used muscle car parts inventory in the world.  Please sign our guest book once you have received the products you purchased from us.

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ID Year Make Model Item Note
14 1958 Buick Front Fender Eyebrows Show Quality
37 1965 Buick WildCat Wild Cat Grill Tail Lite Lamp - Lamps
57 1957 Buick Series 4060, and 5070 Outside Rearview Mirror Pt # 981824 NOS, In original box, with templates
58 1957 Buick Series 4060, and 5070 Out Side Rear view Mirror Pt # 981516 Right Side New Old Stock Chrome Mirrors
59 1957 Buick Series 4060, and 5070 Outside Rearview Mirror Pt # 981515 Left Side Retainer, Motor, Regulator, Channel
60 1950's Buick Right Side Left Inside  Inside Rear view Mirror, pt# 981803 Tinted, Glass, Miror
61 1980-81 Buicks Header, Nose Piece Panel, Reinforcement, Front Bumper Trim Stabilizer Bar, Baffle, Panel Asm Valance
63 1968 Buick Skylarks, GS Grill Assembly, Plastic Surround, Applique Reconditioned, Looks nice!
64 1969 Buick Skylark Grill Cross Member, Frame Braces, Z-Bar Quality work, products, show room
65 1964 Buick Sky Lark Grills, Pot Metal, Chrome, Nut, Clip, Bolt Painted, Immaculate, Perfect
66 1965 Buick Riveria Wheel, Drum, Spindle, Upper control arm Used Car Parts, Refurbished
67 1966 Buick Le Sabres Bezel, Pulley, Power Steering Pump, Intake Quality auto salvage, junk yard dog
68 1967 Buick LeSabres Mounting Bracket, Support, Generator Chromed, Polished, Refurbished
69 1968 Buick Electras Deflector, Adaptor, Duct, Case, Outlet, Spacer General motors Buick parts, factory part
70 1969 Buick Centurions Wire, Hose, Strap, Clamp, Relay, Groumet GM NOS, Its all about money, 0% interest
71 1970 Buick Skylark Grills, Filler, Strip, Insert, Nut, Bar, Rod, Clip FORD - Found On Road Dead
72 1971 Buick Skyhawk Front Bumper, Shim, Bar, Baffle, Plate, Guard Refinish, auto body parts, restore
73 1972 Buick Regal Drain Cock, Plug, Insulator, Radiator Cap ParkAvenue, Park Avenues, Sleeve
74 1949-52 Buick Several, pt# 1171770 HubCaps with Buick Raised and intanglio lettering, NOS, 3 diferent styles of hub caps in stock.
99 1965 Buick Wildcat Front Turn Signal Lenses, Park Light Parking Lights, Back Lamp, Park ASM
100 1970-72 Buick GS Oil Presure, temp. guage, indcator light Compressor, Switch, Hose, Seal, Inlet
101 1970 Buick Skylark Turning Signal Assemblies, Assembly Striker, Catch, Bushing, Handle, Link
102 1972 Buick Rivieria Fender Emblem pt#12903-1356961 NOS, OEM, new in the box, show quality
131   Buick Wildcat, Lesabre Trunk Lock Emblem around keyhole PT#9837997 NOS, mat, carpet, strike, handle, cover
132 1970 Buick Wild Cat Emblem pt#1232365 NOS
133 1969 Buick Skylark Automatic Shifter, Console , linkage, 4spd Used, Good Condition, Restored, Part
134 1958 Buick 2 Door Edge Guards Grp #8.132 MDL 46C-46R-48 66C-66R PRT #981908 NOS Door Edge Guards
135 1957 Buick Taillamps  Taillight Lenses Lamp PT#5948168 NOS
136 1950's Buick Special or Century Chrome Port hole Onaments GRP#8-147 PT# 1338439 NOS Set of 6!
137 1956 Buick Riveria Doors Fog Lamp Lenses Approx 4.25 x 8.5 GUIDE#A5-56 NOS IN Box
138 1956 Buick Rivera Fenders Front Turn Signal Lamp Assy S# 5066-01 PT#897946 NOS IN Box
139 1964 Buick Wild Kat Rear Bumper, Front Guard, Back, Top Seats, Dash, Pad, Shifter, Harness
195 1962 Buick SkyLark Trunk Lids Tail lights, Lens, lamps, Assembly MLDG., lwr, rh, lh, lf, rf, rr, b/w, qtr, hdlp rh 
196 1963 Buick Sky-Lark Tail lights, Lense, lamps, Assembly Bezel, Dash Board, Instruments, Radio
197 1964 Buick Sky Lark Tail light, Lenz, lampes, Assembly Body Sheet Metal, Warehouse, sprint 
198 1965 Buick SkyLark Tale lights, Lenses, lamp, Assembly W/S, side - rh, parking lp, upr - lh, upper 
199 1966 Buick SkyLark Tail-light, Lense, lamps, Assemblies dr rr vert-rh, mldg pkg, frt of w/ opgrh 
200 1967 Buick Riviera Parking Light Package Tray, Warehouse Distribution Muscle Car Parts 
201 1968 Buick Centurion Roof, Trunk, Floor, Emblem, Carpet, Muscles Car Part
202 1969 Buick GS Parking Lights Air Foil, Deck Lid, Grille, Torsion Bars Mussel Car Parts 
203 1970 Buick Electra 225 Tortion Bar, Sub frame connectors, Mussle Cars Part
204 1971 Buick Park Avenue Body Hinge pillar, vent housing, bucket Musle Auto Partz
205 1972 Buick LeSabres Shroud vent, pan, Ornament, Buick Plate BuickPart, Decal, Moulding, Sway Bar 
206 1973 Buick SkyLark Bushings, Custom , wire wheel, hubcaps, deluxe Station wagon, rear compartment, tire tool
207 1974 Buick Park Ave. 4 way electronic seat adjustment reclining, lumbar, power seats, qtr wind
208 1975 Buick Regals Channel, Retainer, Striker, motor, bolt, cam Rod, washer, knob, bushing, wdo
209 1976 Buick Centurion Remote mirror, right hand, left side, glass Cont handle, lwr glass run channel
210 1977 Buick GS Anchor, screw, switch, window, plate, Upr Hinge, glass reg cam to glass, windows
211 1978 Buick SkyLark Vent, A/C, handle supt drive, assembly locks speaker, mtg reinf, clock, opg, cover 
212 1979 Buick Electra Tail lights, Lenses, lamps, Assembly Buick Special, Century, Shyhawk 
213 1980 Buick Skyhawk simuated wire wheels, axle, bearings, bearing rally wheel, disc, brake, rotor, cap
214 1981 Buick Cenurion All motors, regulator, w/b 0 axle, ball type w/ retainer, stamped, rally, space saver
215 1982 Buick GS Yoke, drive shaft, rear supt, trunnion yoke Universal joint bearing strap ring
216 1983 Buick Park Avenues washer, wheel, companion flange, snap Close ratio, w/ deflector, u-joints
217 1984 Buick SkyLark Shaft, flange, deflector, shim, ring gear, geer side below underneath, above
218 1985 Buick SkyLarkes repair kit, spare tire, jack, case, friction disc preload, carrier and tubes, brake shoe
267 1970-72 Buick Regal Turn Signals Lens Hood, Fender, Door, Bumper, Bracket, ASM Hoods, Hood Hinge, Radiator Support
280 1973 Buick Electra Bumpers Left Rear Taillight Assy PT#911896 NOS
281 1967-75 Buick ALL GM V8 Bumper Guard, Control arms, Strip, drum, disc Rotor, caliper, brake line, spindles, hose
308 1984-87 Buick Grand National Hood Good Used
309 1986-87 Buick Grand National cross member, axel, trunk, floor, lid, deck Cover, pan, drip, shaft, power window asm
310 1984-87 Buick Centurys windshield, trim, reveal, moldings, door glass Side glasses, glass's, clutch, fan, pulley
314 1957 Buick Roadmaster WonderBar AM radio used


    Founded in 1988 by Frank P. DeLarzelere III, Billions and Trillions Inc. has grown into a worldwide mail order business. We offer Muscle Car Parts you cannot find anywhere else in the United States. We strive to have the highest quality parts available. Billions & Trillions does not sell MINT or PERFECT Show Quality Car Parts. Contrary to popular belief, we do not work for free. For this reason, our prices are not the lowest you will find. If you decide to change your mind because you have found the part cheaper somewhere else such as eBay, we do not price match our competitors or give refunds for the difference. Once Billions & Trillions starts working on your order, we do not cancel orders. If you ask to restore two fenders and then change your mind next week, we also will not give a refund. In case we have sent you the wrong part or is our mistake, we guarantee 100% to rectify and correct the problem immediately. For the reason that we work 12-14 hours a day restoring used Muscle Car Parts, we simply do not give refunds. When re-conditioning 40 and 50 year old auto parts, nothing is perfect. We do not sell perfect car parts. Our parts are of the highest quality we can find. Billions & Trillions can re-chrome your bumpers to street or show quality (please specify when ordering). Billions & Trillions also has a chrome shop where you can have your stainless steel and aluminum straightened, polished and refurbished. Billions & Trillions can also weld any type of metal including cast, pot metal, aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic. If you have a rare plastic grill, we can recondition it to the best of our ability. As you can see, the majority of our parts are in very good condition and/or have been reconditioned to the best of our ability. The parts selection at Billions & Trillions Inc. is second to none. If there is a problem or mistake we have made with your order, please call us before shipping anything back to our warehouse. Any unexpected returns will be refused by our company. Give us a call at 918-291-1966.

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